Playing with the Wind

My daughter and I were driving in the car a couple of months ago, she was sitting in the back seat behind me, and I saw her hand outside her window playing with the wind. Do you remember doing that when you were little? I still catch myself doing it, completely unaware that I am most of the time. Feeling that velvety smoothness envelope your hand and you feel in that moment completely embraced and free. I was watching her and I could see her face in my side mirror and she looked so content with the most thoughtful expression on her face. It is probably the most beautiful I have ever seen her look. Her hand opening and closing, trying to catch the wind, feeling it slip through her fingers. Her joy at something so simple is incredible and made me so proud of her.

When life gets to me, I think of things like that. It is in those small moments in between that real life happens. And it is so beautiful.


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