The Mask

Okay, so I haven’t posted in a little bit and some of my wonderful friends have been giving me a hard time. (Yes, Nick, Jen, and Chris, I am talking about you haha) I am writing a few posts right now but I’m not quite ready to post them, all half-assed written and not anywhere near completion. So I decided I would post something I wrote a while ago that I think is true for a lot of people, at least some of the time anyways. I hope you enjoy!

She falls to the floor. Palms pressed down against the cold, wood panels. Ear hard on the floor, dreaming of the day where she will hear the heartbeat of the one she loves. Hear the soft laugh and see those dancing eyes. She crawls to the corner, knees pulled to her chest and cries. Tears stream down her face and she wonders how it ever got to this. She stares at the old grandfather clock that she has seen so many times before and realizes that everything is temporary. The beauty of a flower only lasts for so long. It wilts and dies, and is quickly forgotten when a new one blooms. Such is life. And it is something that she has to leave behind.

With her heart aching and the lump in her throat she is getting all too used to, she picks up the mask and knows that she has to wear it. It is the face of someone who she once knew. It is cracked and old, but it smiles and laughs. She wipes her tears, puts on the mask, and slowly stands up. She is unsteady, but flashes the Hyde-smile and pretends that everything is fine. She walks out into the cool air and takes a deep breath. Surrounded by such beauty, the new leaves of Spring, the fresh smell of the Earth, a single tear runs down her cheek under the mask. And again, she realizes, everything is temporary.


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