A Retraction of Sorts

That last post wasn’t completely true. Well I guess it was at the time or I thought that it was. But it isn’t. People just get hurt when you lie; innocent people who don’t deserve it. And you lose all credibility. That person is left feeling sad and confused and typically doesn’t understand why. It changes things, changes everything. Not only how they look at you, but how they look at the world and the people in it.

I guess I am changing too. I can accept that people don’t accept themselves or want to escape reality. I can understand the desire to lie and create something that isn’t real because it makes you feel better or comforts you in some way. But I don’t know how anyone can actually do it and claim to care for someone, care for themselves even. If you want to lie, write a book and have the life you wish you had, but don’t include others in your fantasy life and expect them not to be hurt when it comes crashing down because you never know if they were holding out hope on the things you knew to be false.

My next post will be more upbeat, less confused. I just needed to retract a portion of my last post after really thinking about things. Sometimes I wish I could crawl out of my head for a while.


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